Lessons from Ghana as Nigerian Entrepreneur Takes Cryptocurrency to Gold Coast

By Lucky Nwanekwu

In my recent trip to Ghana, I missed a rare opportunity to taste the country’s jollof rice and banter my Ghanian friends- because everybody knows Nigerian Jollof is better.

However, my experience to the small cocoa-producing country west of Nigeria compensated, as I learnt invaluable lessons on trends that would shape Africa’s future.

My short trip to Ghana was for a conference set up by Gaius Chibueze, one of the leading entrepreneurs and bitcoin traders in Africa.

Ghana has been a hot topic in recent months given its booming tourism industry which attracted the highest number of visitors on the continent last year due to the much-publicized “Year of Return”, but given my interest in technology, I will stick with lessons learnt on cryptocurrency, technology, entrepreneurship and the future of money in Africa

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