Harvard University plays host to Gaius Chibueze

By Lucky Nwanekwu

African entrepreneurs in Diaspora fully join the conversation on blockchain technology as Gaius Chibueze visits Havard Business School, to present a paper on blockchain technology at the just concluded African Business Conference.

The conference which was the 22nd edition was tagged Africa 2020: Creating clear visions for Future prosperity. With a focus on the discourse that will lift a significant number of Africans from the poverty line.

Considering the growing popularity of the blockchain generally and cryptocurrency particularly, in creating wealth and commanding high profits, a to talk on how the block chain can change the fortune of Africa forever was important.

Being a crypto currency investor for over a decade, and a frontier for crypto education and adoption in Africa, Gaius Chibueze was an easy pick for the subject of the Block chain technology and it’s potential impact in Africa

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