ABiT Network Launches Central System to Allow Users Access Platforms via Single Login Details

ABiT Network Launches Central System to Allow Users Access Platforms via Single Login Details

Barely a week after ABiT launched one of its investment Products ABiT Farms , the crypto company, Abit Network  has rolled out a central system that allows both new and old users access all its platform with just a single click

This system will make it easy for users to connect and have a feel of the entire platform with one log in details, ABiT said.

During an online presentation, Gaius Chibueze, the CMO of ABiT Technologies who has successfully led the whole team in one of the most amazing project in Africa, Tatcoin said the system is a new architecture/service for ABiT products/applications/websites.

“It is a CENTRAL USER SYSTEM that will handle logins, transactions and user management across all ABiTNetwork Applications,” he said. “We are undergoing gradual feature/product integration across all ABiTNetwork products, currently it has been integrated on ABiTrader to handle logins. www.abitrader.com.”

Due to the integration of this Central System, at the login page of all ABiT Network products users will be required to fill-in a token sent to their email and password to affirm.

(This token/password change is only for those who previously had accounts registered on any of the crypto company’s platforms like www.abitrader.com, www.abitnetwork.com, www.abitfarm.com etc trying to login with existing details)

This is all in a bid to serve users better. Just follow the procedures and pick the token number sent to your email and reset your password, said ABiT CMO.

Once user password is reset with an email, they can use same email and password to login on all ABiT platforms even the ones to be buit in the future.

As stated above, as soon as all products are fully integrated to this Central System, users can login to all ABiTNetwork products with one unique login details without signing up again if they already had an account on one.

Unique Features of the Central System once it is fully integrated include, User Data Uniform , Change/ Update user details ,

Access one unique crypto wallet , Getting a personal unique virtual Naira account/ wallet .

The CMO/ Founder Gaius Chibueze also reiterated on his promise to deliver on tatcoins white paper

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