ABiT Network Delivers Part of Its White Paper, Launches ABiTFarm For Investors

ABiT Network Delivers Part of Its White Paper, Launches ABiTFarm For Investors

ABiT Network, a company focused on blockchain solutions and financial literacy, has launched ABiT Farms, a generational agricultural investment platform where investors are brought together to co-invest in long-term agriculture and earn returns in investment after every harvest.

The product, one of several as promised in the company’s white paper, ABiT Famrs offer investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolio and help strengthen the local agricultural sector by leveraging blockchain technology to provide liquidity for farmers .

“Nigeria is the leading African country in farming because it has the highest levels of productivity and profitability in this particular sector” said Gaius Chibueze, the founder of ABiT Network.

“ I believe in the power of technology, Africa can be better through decentralization and the early adoption of cryptocurrency.”

According to official data, Agriculture provides the main source of livelihood for the majority of Nigerians; the sector employs about 70 percent of the entire country’s labor force.  This is what ABiT Farms will do

Globally, there is increasing demand for organic food and this means there is a huge market for food as the world population increases while on the domestic front, the recent downturn in oil prices has seen the government commit to intensifying investment in agriculture, improving outlook for the sector over the medium and long-term.

ABiT said the agro-investing platform, also accessible through mobile devices, allows private funds to be pooled and invested in safe agriculture ventures that are low risk but guarantee attractive yields.

With a verified farms and farmers network across the country, the ABiT platform is built on blockchain technology and transactions are powered by the transactional currency of the ABiT ecosystem called “TATCOIN”.

Investors can earn up to 20-60% “Return on Investments” yearly for more than 35 years starting from the 5th year of maturity, according to ABiT. “ Also, investors can choose to Invest in GENERATIONAL AGRO FARMS listed on the platform which guarantee great return on investment for 5-50 years time.

As the Blockchain technology and infrastructure continues to get bigger, ABiT’s goal is to become one of the Leading Blockchain companies that sets pace in this industry, said Chibueze. “We will keep you up to date on the Launch of other Products within the Company.”

ABiT has several products in its portfolio including ABITCrowd, a simplified real estate investment, making it possible for investment in real estate for as low as $15.

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